How to get Ukraine refugees to return home, once war is over

The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced millions of its citizens to flee their homes in search of salvation, including abroad. According to recent estimate, Europe took the majority of them — 5.8 million out of 6.2 recorded globally. In that context, Germany’s role can hardly be overestimated. The country has provided shelter for almost 1.1 … Read more

Listen to survivors to stamp out human sex-trafficking

Every day, thousands of people are trafficked — sold a dream of a better future, to only be presented with a grim reality of entrapment, slavery, and often sex work. With their passports withheld, their movements restricted, and subject to abuse, inhumane treatment and debt bondage, victims face dire prospects. Most girls and women only … Read more

The end of street anonymity — is Europe ready for that?

In the wake of the November riots in Dublin, a simmering debate about whether police use of facial-recognition technologies could prevent further chaos on the streets broke out in Ireland — and across Europe. “Facial-recognition technology will dramatically save time, speed up investigations and free up Garda [Irish police] resources for the high-visibility policing we … Read more